About Us

We are a trekking, tour and adventure operator based in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal serving a world class adventure and holiday packages for Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan. Having owned plethora of experience in tourism sector, the professional team has introduced Vyas Treks and Expedition to all the tourists across the globe.

We offer a wide range of holiday packages ensuring safety and luxury. Every trip package is designed technically so as to let the tourists experience the first-class vacation. Our passion is to see the happy faces of clients who get service from us with a an enormous satisfaction.

special focus is on trekking, hiking, mountaineering, paragliding, river rafting, bungee jumping, jungle safari, mountain biking, city tours and volunteering. We are expert on designing the particular trip itinerary you required satisfying your budget and time schedule. Each trip itinerary designed by Vyas Treks and Expedition is fully based on extensive research and the feedbacks of our clients.

We have a great variety of trip programs targeting on the people of different groups and ages. Each different group and the people of different parts of the world love the trip packages offered by Vyas Treks and Expeditions. We have exciting seasonal and special occasion offers too those who are looking forward to grab them.

We have highly experienced and professional team. Each individual working for Vyas Treks and Expedition loves to work in team. They all try their best and keep no stone unturned to offer the prompt and world class service to their clients. If you encounter with any obstacle and inconvenience during the trip, they are always there to help in no time.

We have a strong business bond with local and international partners. we know our single venture can not compete with rising market. Our partners not only assist and give us feedback on business but also suggest us to adopt the new trend emerging in global tourism. Both our local and international partners combine work out for the sole convenience and comfort of the clients.

We opine that every trip package should be special and the clients should have happy and content faces after the trip. For this, we do not compromise on the amenities we promise to the clients.

Flexibility is another fundamental promise of Vyas Treks and Expedition. We have designed each trip itinerary with such flexibility that clients always have options in it. They can make Vyas Treks and Expedition’s trip itinerary their own and celebrate it in their own style.

Our commitment on eco friendly sustainable tourism is visibly experienced while being a part of the trip operated by Vyas Treks and Expedition. We respect nature and its natural systems. We do not harm any living and non living things that present on the nature while operating our trips.

So, Vyas Nepal Treks and Expedition is your professional and reliable holiday trip partner. Join us without any hesitation and make your holidays memorable for the lifetime