Our Team

  • Mr. Dipson Kunwar

    Mr. Dipson Kunwar

    Founder & Managing Director

    Mr. Dipson Kunwar, the Founder & Executive Director of Vyas Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Enthusiastic and experienced professional from Kathmandu devoted for providing experience of a lifetime. Whatever you want to do in Nepal, for information and help mr. Dipson Kunwar will always be there to assist you. Having travelled with guests from different continents, he provides you with experiences that’s genuine and from heart.

  • Mr. Chris Lewis

    Mr. Chris Lewis

    Representative (USA)

    Mr. Chris Lewis is working with Vyas Treks and Expedition as a representative of America. He decided to promote Vyas Treks and Expedition after his third visit to Nepal in 2019. Chris loves learning languages, filming videos, and immersing himself in different cultures. He speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, and Vietnamese, and is in the process of learning Nepali.Address: Colorado, USAPhone: +1 720-299-0488Email: [email protected]

  • Mr. Tomer Rockman

    Mr. Tomer Rockman

    Representative (Canada)

    Tomer Rockman is our representative based in Canada. He decided to promote Vyas Treks & Expedition after travelling to Nepal in 2019. Tomer is a hiker and a photographer and is happy to advise on those and other topics. He is based out of Toronto, Canada and Speaks English.Address: Toronto, Ontario, CanadaPhone: +1 647-898-8661Email: [email protected]

  • Mr. Gil Baruti

    Mr. Gil Baruti

    Representative (Israel)

    Mr. Gil is working with vyas treks & Expedition Pvt .Ltd as a representative of Israel. He has been promoting Vyas Treks & Expedition around Israel for people who would like to travel to nepal for Trekking, Hiking, Sightseeing and other adventure trips.Address: Tel Aviv, IsraelPhone: Email: [email protected]

  • Mrs. Fabien Bruine De Bruin

    Mrs. Fabien Bruine De Bruin

    Representative (Netherlands)

    Mrs. Fabien is working with vyas treks & Expedition Pvt .Ltd as a representative of Netherlands. She has been promoting Vyas Treks & Expedition around Netherlands for people who would like to travel to nepal for Trekking, Hiking, Sightseeing and other adventure trips.she is been working with us it's establishment.Address: Eindhoven, NetherlandPhone: +031-636019186Email: [email protected]

  • Mr. Rajesh Sundash

    Mr. Rajesh Sundash

    Representative (Portugal)

    Mr. Rajesh previously was a dedicated operation officer who has been working with Vyas Treks & Expedition after it's establishment. He is one of the most dedicated personals who has experienced the Himalayas and had lots of experience about the climbing and trekking.Rajesh has recently moved to Portugal and now he is the Portugal travel consultant for Vyas Treks & Expedition and works with the team in ensuring our services meet the need of the European Markets. You can consult with him before you book a trip to Nepal.Rajesh has been working as an outdoor manager in a travel company and is a representative for Vyas Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. He is dedicated to his work and can provide you with the best information if you are thinking of traveling to Nepal.Address: lisbon run dos anjos,PortugalPhone: +920391236Email: [email protected]

  • Mr. Django Evans

    Mr. Django Evans

    Representative (UK)

    he can communicate in English with the guest without hesitation.Mr. Django EvansRepresentative (UK)Mr Django Evans, is a young explorer who has been travelling the world for the past 6 months. He has gone on many extensive treks and tours. He came to Nepal in 2019 and has now joined the Vyas Treks family wishing to provide great experiences for humble prices. He is a native English speaker and has close ties to us here in Nepal. He is based in Bristol, UK and has been a loyal representative for many months.Address: Exeter, Devon, UKPhone: +44 07951688550Email: [email protected]

  • Mr. Nabaraj Adhikari

    Mr. Nabaraj Adhikari

    Trekking Leader

    Born and raised in Dhading of Nepal, Mr. Nabaraj Adhikari is a passionate trekking guide with over 10 years of experience. Apart from his training, he has a huge on-field experience with him. Sharp and well-versed in his work, he has handled several clients and customers from all parts of the world at different trekking zones and has always come up with good reviews of his work. He is good at looking after the guests and taking care of their needs. He also has vast knowledge of Nepal, its culture, places and its people. He also likes to enlighten his guests about Nepal and its rich heritage during the trip, a quality that makes him a valued trekking guide among customers of Vyas Treks & Expedition. He is a professional yet very approachable and informative guide.

  • Mr. Rajan Lamichhane

    Mr. Rajan Lamichhane

    Trekking Leader

    Mr. Rajan Lamichhane is one of the most experienced trekking leader and shines through out various destination of Nepal like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Mustang regions. He has been working as trekking leader since 2010 AD and has lots of experience about the trekking trails.He is most likely the best trekking leader around the area. He has experienced various situation and has been able to lead the trekkers through it. If you are travelling with Rajan, your journeys are going to be one of the most exciting and thrilling experience.He has known every trail, corners, path and villages throughout his 9 years’ experience. He is not only fit, strong and energetic but also smart which is a plus point for travellers as the trekking leader will be leading you to the destination. And if he is smart he can tackle you away from any kinds of situations.