TIBET- The name itselfbrings the feeling of a land full of myths and mysteries. This sacred land is along with its ever smiling people, has proved to be exerted a magnetic pull upon travelers, spies, missionaries, scholars, geographers, mystics, military and cranks, etc. for centuries. Tibet the world of extremely remote and isolated lands is famous for some most formidable mountain ranges.

Tibet the autonomous region of the china lies on a plateau at an average elevation of (4000m.) covering an area of 1.2 million sq. km.  2.3 million Population thieving in this fascination world of timeless splendor follows ancient Buddhist culture and its unique traditions. The inventive monasteries and age old caravan trails of Tibet have made it one of the famous destinations for tour.

Recently, in the year 2012 the Tibet travel permit rules have change a lot for various reasons. This rule says that the permit will be only issued to a group consisting of at least 5 people, all of whom must be of the same nationality. However you need not to worry about the permit as Tibetintl Pvt ltd which is a specialized agency for tour in Tibet will offers you various fascinating tour packages in affordable price.