Nepal, known as the youngest republic in the world, also happens to be known as potentially one of the best exotic destinations world-wide. With a fairly wide variety of cultures that somehow manage to spring up seeming out of nowhere in a landscape that is awe-inspiring in its relative magnitude, this is not at all surprising even the apparent political issues that seem to crop up there every once in a while would not be enough to deter some people from taking one or two Nepal tours that would make their vacation a little bit more colorful. Most of the people who choose to have a Nepal holiday are; after all in it for the different Nepal tours that are made available for them – that is to say, people who aren’t afraid of getting a little bit dirty just for fun are the ones who enjoy the Nepal tours the most. While it is true that there are Nepal tours that focus on the cultural heritage of the country, most of the Nepal tours are more focused on showcasing the natural wonders associated with Nepal. In Nepal tours, above everything else are adventures that will surely change your life forever. So why not give it a shot?