Why Vyas Treks and Expedition?

Professional and Experienced Team

The first and the foremost thing to run a company require highly professional and experienced team that what Vyas Nepal Treks and Expedition owns. Each member believes in team spirit and they help each other. Every team member is University graduated and well trained in their respective fields. Designing trip itineraries, operating the trip, reservations, orientations, safety measures, receiving the guests etc are handled in proper way. The entire team put their relentless effort to make each holiday trip a fruitful.

Service- Oriented

We are a service oriented holiday operator not profit oriented. In fact, this thing is claimed by every trekking and tour company but to know the reality, we have to go through it. We do not really compromise for the services we promise. We are ready to undergo with the loss for the guarantee of the world grade service to our clients


Eco- Friendly

We are conscious to the recent environmental degradation resulted by the short-sighted people. The trash has been adversely affected the natural environment of the mountain region. In order to maintain wholeness in the nature, we organize a campaign to collect the trash of the major trekking trails once a year. We do not harm any flora and fauna during the operation of trip program. We suggest our clients and the staffs not use plastic objects during the trek. If you use it, please bring it back with you. Our all team including the guides and the porters are well trained how to protect natural environment during the trek and tour. So, we suggest valued clients to leave nothing just footprints and take the memories.

Seasonal Offers

We have special offers on special occasions. We come up with completely new and exciting trip package to suit your new desires. We have New Year Offers, Christmas Offers, Winter Offers, Summer Offers and special occasion’s offers. You can grab these beautiful offers and save the budget.


We are always flexible while operating any kind of trip package. Moreover, we are ready to work out the trip itinerary according to your recommendation. You do not always have to go with the itinerary we propose to you, rather, you can propose your own itinerary to us and we will operate it accordingly. It doesn’t make much difference. Similarly, we also keep the options open for alternative trip packages if the tour or trek you have booked is disturbed due to any unforeseen situations. Or it is also possible to lengthen or shorten the trip according to your desire.

More than 200 holiday packages

The more vacations options you have, the more effectively your desired are addressed. Keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with more than 200 exciting holiday packages to quench any kinds of desires. A wide range of vacation packages will suit the desires of the people of different ages.

Individual Care

Bigger or smaller group, we take an extensive care of every individual member of the group. Our team interacts with each individual client and imparts the right information on right time so that they can feel safe and relaxed during the trip. Each member of the team constantly keep in touch to make the trip special and memorable.